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Cary, NC Cosmetic Dentistry – Lisa N. Powell, DMD, MS, PA –

Dentist Cary, NC

"I was initially referred to Dr. Powell by a dentist who thought I needed to see a specialist for an unusually large amount of decay and enamel erosion for someone my age. Dr. Powell’s efforts to isolate and control the issues have been relentless. Her personal knowledge and research she had done to obtain the latest and greatest treatments are second to none. In addition to being a fine specialist (fancy title?), she does excellent general dentistry. My wife (who does not have extreme dental problems) is also a patient of Dr. Powell. In addition her staff is competent and pleasant."

"I had a horrible bicycle accident at the age of 7 and as a result; chipped my two front permanent teeth. I had to endure 15 years of trips to different types of dentists to correct my chipped, discolored, and uneven teeth. There was no cosmetic evidence that I even went to the dentist, until I met Dr. Lisa Powell. She worked with me to make the best decision to conserve what was left of my natural tooth structure. My last option was to get porcelain crowns. After a long glance at my new teeth, tears of joy came to my eyes because I knew I would not have to be embarrassed to smile any longer."

"My dental care has always been quick and professional in Dr. Powell's office ... a spotless and pleasant place where I have never been kept waiting. I've been seen on an emergency basis more than once. All of that is important, and reason enough to choose a dental office, but add to it the laughter and the easy working relationships. Everyone comes together with humor and gentleness to make it an absolutely pain-free experience. I can't imagine a better setting."

"Dr. Powell saved my vacation. I broke a tooth on the first day of a two-week trip. Dr. Powell promptly returned my frantic after-hours phone call. She advised me what to do and had an appointment waiting for me when I got home."

"We were patients of our previous dentist for over 30 years. Moving from New York, we never thought we would find someone comparable to him. We have been patients of Dr. Powell for 6 years and we couldn't be happier. She has exceeded our expectations and we couldn't be more pleased. She is very professional and confident in her abilities. She is warm and gentle, making 'a trip to the dentist,' rewarding."

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